Legislative Advocacy

The Monares Group provides access to opportunity. Solving complex infrastructure, financing and legislative issues can be challenging when you don't have access to high level decision makers. Clients look to us when they need to engage elected officials, government agencies, and community stakeholders about complex issues. This is based on our collective experience working for and with elected officials and their staff, and regulators. We monitor the legislative and regulatory process, draft legislation, track legislation, proposed bills and regulations that affect our clients.

The Monares Group (TMG) utilizes a solutions-based consultative and collaborative approach that brings together all stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome. This style allows TMG to maximize the outcome on our client’s most critical issues. TMG serves as the conduit for open discussions for organization executives or designated staff to meet with legislators whose support must be secured. TMG at all times is looking to protect the interest and positions of our clients.

Based upon this approach, TMG has extensive experience in representing and advocating special interests before various policymaking bodies.

  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Legislative Education
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Strategic Planning