Did Gov. Brown Promise The Bay Area A New Reservoir In Exchange For Delta Tunnels Support?

Just six months ago, a major Bay Area water district only would commit about a third of the $650 million Gov. Jerry Brown's office had hoped it would pay for his controversial  Delta tunnels project.

Precipitation Whiplash In California

California already has one of the most variable climates and the swings between extremes will become more pronounced with unchecked climate change, say the authors of a new report.

California Delta - A Flash Point For Conflict As Climate Change Unfolds

Sea level rise and changing streamflows are converging with uncertain results in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Ronald Melcer, a senior environmental scientist at the Delta Stewardship Council, explains what the future may hold.

Metropolitan Water District Backs Two Delta Tunnels

After a decade of planning and debate, the controversial Delta tunnels project got a huge cash infusion Tuesday and took a giant step toward becoming reality. In a historic decision, the wealthy Metropolitan Water District of Southern California voted to take a majority stake in the $16.7 billion twin-tunnels project, a plan  championed by Gov. Jerry Brown  as a way of protecting the water supply for more than 25 million Southern California and Bay Area residents.

Can California Avert A Citrus Apocalypse?

I don't usually just wave agents of the state into my house. But when a nice lady from the California Department of Food and Agriculture showed up at my door last week, I welcomed her with a genuine smile. "You're here for the psyllids, right?" I asked, as two masked men on the street waited for her orders. "Come on in!"

A Plan To Pipe Reclaimed Urban Wastewater From Tijuana To The Guadalupe Valley

A plan to  pipe treated wastewater from Tijuana to the Guadalupe Valley  is being championed by authorities who say the project not only would support the state’s wine-growing region, but also solve another problem: reducing the flow to the overburdened San Antonio de los Buenos coastal sewage treatment plant.


Trump Administration Seeks To Gut Water Pollution Safeguards, Putting Communities At Risk

A Hollywood scriptwriter couldn't make this up. One day after new data revealed widespread toxic water contamination near coal ash disposal sites, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt announced a proposal to repeal the very 2015 EPA safeguards that had required this data to be tracked and released in the first place. 


Mind-Blowing Facts About The Lifeblood of Planet Earth

It was World Water Day on March 22 and in 2018 the theme is “Nature for Water.”
“How can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution?” asks the United Nations, which organizes World Water Day each year. “By using the solutions we already find in nature.”


New Fees Proposed To Pay For California's Contaminated Water Problem

As part of his final budget proposal, Gov. Jerry Brown wants new fees on water to provide clean and affordable drinking water to the approximately 1 million Californians who are exposed to contaminated water in their homes and communities each year.


Santa Barbara Area Ocean Waters Closed Due To Bacteria Levels

Effective immediately, and in order to protect the public’s health, the Santa Barbara County Health Officer has closed the following beach ocean waters.


Oregon Protects a Wild River Watershed Under Rarely Used Law

The Smith River is one of those rare places in the West. Flowing from Oregon into California, and then into the Pacific Ocean, it is largely unaltered by humans and still supports four strains of wild-spawning salmon.


The Most Important Events and Stories of 2017 for Water In The West

Here’s a look back at some of the key moments in 2017 and top reads from around the media.

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