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Legislative Advocacy

The Monares Group provides access to opportunity. Solving complex infrastructure, financing and legislative issues can be challenging when you don’t have access to high level decision makers. Clients look to us when they need to engage elected officials, government agencies, and community stakeholders about complex issues.

Community Outreach

The Monares Group is an expert in providing community outreach services that are organized and targeted. Whether it be gathering feedback on a specific program or issue, educating the community on services/training available or managing opinion on upcoming legislation.


The Monares Group’s approach to your civic marketing needs is unique. This is because our experience in marketing was honed in the classic consumer marketing arena with techniques that increased sales and brand awareness for large corporate clients.

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What else we provide?

Proposal Writing

The Monares Group provides proposal writing services in response to publicly funded RFPs including City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California or federal contracting opportunities.

Grant Writing

The Monares Group has secured millions in federal, state and local funding and brings a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise in the application process to both public and private funding sources.

Workforce Development

The Monares Group conducts extensive research into industry sectors with high job growth to provide clienbts with relevant data needed for job training and placement.

The Monares Group

The Monares Group is focused on providing government relations and specialized consulting services to public agencies and private entities in the target areas of water and sanitation infrastructure and water-related regulatory matters.

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Legislative Advocacy
Community Outreach
Proposal and Grant Writing